Letter from Dr. Loewenstine
Today's workplace, whether it be Fortune 500 or First Responders, requires proactive health care and oversight by qualified healthcare individuals beginning at the MD level.

Introducing this high level of care protects not only your employees but also your company or organization. At TPHC, we strive for the right balance of care while meeting federal, state and local requirements unique to your organization.

Our philosophy is focused on long-term, continual care for your organization over many years. By building strong relationships we are able to intimately know each member of your team offering them exceptional care based on a holistic view of their health and medical history, and their current situation and environment.

We welcome any questions you may have and the opportunity to speak with you about your unique needs. 

Virginia Loewenstine, MD
President, TPHC

Executive Biography

"By providing a fully customized approach,
we build long-term, meaningful relationships producing exceptional results for both
employees and employers."
- Dr. Loewenstine