1. Wellness
  2. Medical Surveillance
  3. First Responders
From simple cholesterol screening to full body systems evaluations, TPHC provides employees assessments of how he or she is doing when it comes to his or her overall health. Our highly trained staff accomplishes this through testing, questionnaires, and physical evaluations. Each assessment is customized to help meet the employer’s goals for their wellness program, while emphasizing an individualized approach to provide the best wellness feedback to each employee.

TPHC also assists employers with the custom design and development of wellness programs that are effective and specific to the needs of each employer and the company’s employees. 
TPHC is equipped to provide all OSHA mandated medical evaluations and testing such as respiratory medical clearances, hearing conservation, various chemical and toxin monitoring mandates, and more. In addition, we provide evaluations and testing required by employer policy and help ensure employers are compliant with current regulations.

We work hand in hand with employers as partners to most effectively and efficiently satisfy these requirements and to help ensure that their employees are free from occupational harm. ​
We understand each department is different with unique needs and priorities. Our evaluations, based on 30 years of experience, are customized to your organization based on your team’s unique needs. From a 500-person department to a small team of volunteers, we work shoulder to shoulder with you to determine the optimal medical evaluation for your personnel.

We pride ourselves on building productive “partnerships” with First Responders based on genuine relationships that last over the years. Together, we succeed in improving the health of those who serve others. 

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