At TPHC we are keenly aware that not all medical departments are the same nor do all medical departments serve the same functions. Because of this we offer our expertise to assist you in designing an efficient medical department to meet your specific functions. To start, we begin by identifying your space requirements, factor in any space limitations, and help you select the best location within your facility. Our design focus is on employee convenience and overall operational efficiency.


Knowing what equipment is needed and which supplies are required for your specific medical department needs, TPHC assists employers with supply and equipment recommendations and purchases to save time and money while offering you the best value for your department’s set up purchases. In addition, we provide a variety of staffing options for best function and assist you in your decision-making for an optimal outcome.  

TPHC provides the “know-how” when it comes to medical department regulatory requirements and compliance. We assist employers with their regulatory set up including the setup of QA logs to meet the governing organization’s needs. This not only insures compliance but allows for the availability of these important logs to be used in the case of an audit. We also provide standing orders for local MD review before sign off providing you a working template and eliminating the need for you to create these orders from scratch.  
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